NOTE:  Please read the Brewery Rules at the end of this email!!
Remember to park in the parking lot on the right and don't pee in public.

From the south take I-75 North to Exit 296. Turn right off the exit and turn right at the first light on to Busch Drive. Follow Busch Drive to the brewery. Turn left into the brewery and right into the parking lot.  (45-50 minutes from Sandy Springs)

(See the Brewery Rules below:)

Important -- Parking Lot Rules

No cursing and/or disrespectful behavior, especially to Anheuser Busch employees.  I thought this was covered in the following statement, but apparently it was not noted by some particularly rude bicyclists last week.

Park in the farthest right-hand corner parking lot away from the building and entrance.

Please be considerate of employees and mindful of the workplace.

No urinating in the parking lot behind trees, bushes or otherwise. Two cyclists have been caught on camera, one male and one female.

Do not litter.

Do not hang clothes on the fence to dry.

Please be discreet in changing clothes. The sport kilts have been noted by security and are approved.

Thanks for keeping the rules in mind and passing them on to others.  Jo Ann 404-310-9491