<>March 13th, 2005'
I give this ride an A+.  "Directions to the ride are at the bottom of this page"
Yesterday, I decided to ride in the Green Team's weekly "Round Rockmart Ride".  I had been putting it off for two reasons.  I don't like riding with any group with the name "Team".  "Team" ususally means a group of riders faster than me.  As it turns out, nobody knows where that name came from, there is no "Team".  It is a group of riders changing in makeup week to week like any other ride.  I thought the drive might be too long.  It is exactily a 65 minute drive from my home in Sandy Springs to the parking lot ride start at the Silver Comet "Coots Lake" trail head, no big deal.  Even better if you live up I - 75 North.  It's about a 40 minute drive from Cartersville.
This is one of the best rides I have been on.  It is a moderate to strenuous 42 or 51 mile ride.  (there is a cut off at the 15 mile mark if you wish to ride 42 miles)  None of this ride is on the Silver Comet Trail.  There are a couple of excellent up hills, think gaps in terms of grade, however only about 1/3 - 1/4 the distance of Neels Gap.  There is one fantastic down hill that you can really let it all hang out on.  Because it was my first time, I touched my brakes a few times and still got up to 43 mph, Mark O. the ride leader said he gets up to 50 mph on this hill, it is relatively straight.  This is one of the lowest trafficed rides I have ever been on.  The brewery ride is low traffic.  This ride is much lower in traffic than the brewery.  There is a store stop at 30 miles.  The scenery is great and will get greater as we move in to spring.  There are dogs, think brewery in terms of dogs, however these dogs seemed to be barkers, I never felt threatened.
Thanks to Buster Johnson, Mark Oestreich, and Mitch Askew for taking the time to map and mark this above average route.  The route is marked with easy to see blue arrows.  
There  is only one possible problem that I foresee.  The Coots Lake parking lot will only accomodate about 20 cars.  Car pool if you can.  There is a store about 1 block away.  They may let you park there.  You should get there early or discuss parking with the people at the store if you need to park there.  There were only 5 cars in the Coots Lake lot when I got there at 9:15 and there is a Port A John.
 I will be adding the excellent PDF map that Mark put together to the Maps Section of my web site site.  See the Route and the Elevation pictures from my GPS below.
 (*)/ (*)  Tom Hanks
Minimum elevation 728 ft. Maximum elevation 1326 feet 51 miles in distance.

From Marietta: Take Whitlock Ave./120 to hwy 278 (14 Miles) Turn
right onto 278 and go 15 miles to Coots Lake Rd Take a right, go
about 100 yards to the Coots Lake SilverComet trail head

From Atlanta: Take I20 West to Thorton Rd/278 exit. Turn
right (North) and go 29.5 miles and turn Right onto Coots Lake
Rd, go about 100 yards to the Coots Lake SilverComet trail head

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